Friday, July 05, 2013

Newsworthy Kind of Normal

Day 2 of the comeback is so much more...normal. The way I'd like it to be. I was able to do all the poses and didn't sit at all. I even got a couple of 'very good' praises from Teacher Nikoy during backbend and standing bow. Were my classmates that bad? Hahaha.
It still holds true that whenever the teacher would say the lines.. 'Lean back, fall back, go back, way back, more back...' it's like a magic spell to me. I manage to bend some more even though I feel that I'm at my fullest, bendiest expression. During standing bow, I think I was the only one who was holding the pose until the end. But of course! I was on my stronger leg and it is my favorite pose! 
In other news, I was invited by my yoga friend A to go to an advanced class tomorrow in Greenhills. First a beginner's class at 9:30AM then the advanced class at 12:00PM. You mean practicing yoga the majority of my day? I'd be bursting with fruit flavors if this happened two or three months ago when my yoga practice was much...uhm, better. I said yes to her already so there's no turning back. I have to be there! Let's see what amazing stuff tomorrow holds for me!
This is me in my best (although fleeting) ability in Japanese ham sandwich. This was taken around March this year. See what I meant when I said better?

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