Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I'm Still Here

     Hey. I'm still here. I know it has been so quiet around this place. Things are shaking up at work. I have resumed my practice after yet another bout of absence. I guess I have to accept that it's part of the journey and what this blog is all about. To document everything--good and bad--that will happen along the way. The good thing is it the 5th consecutive day I am going to yoga. The bad is....this is happening after another bout of an almost week-long absence. The alibis reasons...Saturday--it rained so hard I was told it was flooded already in the area near to the studio. Sunday--it's Sunday! God declared it as a day of rest! Who am I as a mere mortal to oppose the omnipotent? Monday--I should get half a credit for this. I dressed up. I went out. It's just that....I didn't make it on time. And you know how it is, if you don't make it by the end of second set Pranayama breathing...then don't bother coming in. Tuesday--sleepy. Wednesday--sleepy again. I promise promise promise this will be the last day I will have this excuse reason. Yeah, right.
    Thursday--she rose again!! Well, here's my yoga calendar to make the story short. Yes, I track my attendance. In purple are days I practiced, in yellow are the days I paid for another month and started a new package.
     It's not all that bad for July, right? I have a good start this month, save for August 3. Last Saturday it rained so hard and the area going to the studio is INDEED flooded according to the news on TV.
    Upcoming posts--all about yoga wear, yoga mat, diet, etc. and my latest posture breakthrough! Coming up!